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These die hard Mariah stans trying to act like Me Am I Am Mariah didn’t flop. Mariah hasn’t had a high charting single since Touch My Body and hasn’t had a solid album since The Emancipation of Mimi

Mariah Carey songs to chart within the Top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 since Touch My Body:

Bye Bye - #19 (2008)
Obsessed - #7 (2009)
Beautiful - #15 (2013)
All I Want for Christmas Is You - #26 (2013)

It’s never a bad thing to be compared to Mariah Carey — after all, her talent and career success are both immense …. But it’s a comparison that says less about your influences and more about your legitimacy as a unique artist. To be called a miniaturized version of a musician who’s been showcasing their aesthetic for decades implies that you’re copying the past, hoping that time forgot the blueprint you’re repurposing. No one wants to be seen as that girl.

She sings like Mariah Carey with a mouth full of marshmallows.

—an ONTD member on Ariana Grande (via skshim)



Billboard ranked Mariah Carey as #1 in the “Ultimate Ranking of Pop Stardom" based solely on her statistics such as charting positions and album sales!! 

Who da queen really is??


"beyonce isn’t a feminist"

"beyonce is overrated"

"if beyonce was a feminist, she wouldn’t be acting and dressing slutty"

"i dont like beyonce"


gossip sites be like “mariah seen walking with mystery man in NYC” that’s her fucking NEPHEW. He’s a harvard-educated attorney. Mariah paid his tuition.


when you know something about someone but they don’t know you know