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twelve million copies sold, six-time certified platinum by the RIAA, three grammy’s: The Emancipation of MiMi

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Ad/Vance asks the musical question ... Which Diva Must Die?


This is a 1994 piece from my per’zine, Ad/Vance. It was just an early version of the FMK game, not a prediction of how things would end up 18 years later.


Do you ever play hair-splitting games? I mean the sort where you start with a premise like, “I’m Lord God King of the Universe and…


mariahs make it happen gives me so much life and inspires me to do better and fuck everyone over at my job and be the flawless bitch i was born to be and get a better job

It was when I read the line “Oh so you’ve been emancipated.” I knew I wanted to take the part and show just how emancipated I am.

—Nicole Beharie on taking the role playing Abbie (via animerunner)