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gossip sites be like “mariah seen walking with mystery man in NYC” that’s her fucking NEPHEW. He’s a harvard-educated attorney. Mariah paid his tuition.


when you know something about someone but they don’t know you know


When will people recognize & appreciate Mariah Carey’s songwriting talent? I’m serious. She writes every song she records that isn’t a (rare) cover. Her lyricism is incredible, her vocabulary is out of this world, & behind her diva DISGUISE she is dripping with intelligence.

That’s why even after…


I wanna launch recordings of mariah careys whistle register notes in “Emotions” into space, alien life forms need to know about this

Ariana Grande at VMA 2014


After watching Ariana’s live performance at the VMA 2014, there’re still people thinking she’s better than Mariah Carey…

She was out of breath, her vibrato failed, and she was off-key during the entire performance, and she screamed for the high note in “Bang Bang”, I’m not judging her personality or her career, but vocally she still has a long way to go to be on half of Mariah’s level.

She has a great voice, but people should get the fact.


Mimi when she saw the title of Taylor Swifts single.


Mimi when she saw the title of Taylor Swifts single.



Black women have a narrative thrown onto them that tells the world that they are always horrible unfit mothers but when people from all over the world need someone to raise their children they seek Black women.


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