The One You Treasure

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All I ask of Ariana Grande’s fanbase is for them to point out one single, just one, song that she herself wrote; a song that is relevant and the emotion tangible. I want to feel the desperation in her words and her voices as she clings to something—the way Mariah does in the climax of We Belong Together. 

I want to lie on my bedroom floor racked with sobs, heartbroken and messy, while Ariana’s voice ascends and completely connects with my emotions. I want to know that she has felt and understood what I have as my world comes crumbling down. The way Mariah fucking Carey does through the entirety of Forever

Ariana Grande, until she makes a real connection with people & saves LIVES will never be as successful as Mariah Carey. Alas, until Ms. Grande produces, writes, and sings this imaginary ass song, this shall never come to pass. 

That’s all. 

'Whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail?'
‘I’m gonna do a remix’

—'Fantasy' by Mariah Carey feat. O.D.B. (via graceofhorrors)